The popularity of meditation is well known and we all are aware of the benefits of including meditation in our lives. But, have you ever imagined that a simple music played during meditation and the chanting of mantras while you meditate can work as the icing on the cake? Yes, it is a fact that meditating along with the music or chanting mantras while meditating can double the benefits you receive from meditation. Let’s take a deeper dive…

Benefits Of Mantras In Meditation

A mantra is nothing but the series of words that could be chanted while meditating. It’s not just about saying the same words repeatedly; the power of the mantra helps you provide your mind with a focal point. It is a way to bring back the wandering mind and helps to focus on the meditation.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of mantras while meditating:

  • Stress reliever: The rhythm and sounds of singing or chanting mantras move energy all over the body. This movement of positive energy helps in regulating the chemicals in the mind, and it helps to block the stress hormone.

  • Draws out the negativity: The sounds of the magical mantras literally draw out the negative vibes and negativity from our heads and helps to get room for the positive thoughts.

  • Builds up immunity: Chanting mantras while you meditate also helps in building up the immunity and help the immune system function well. It also helps to maintain the blood pressure.

  • Regulates heart rate: Mantras also helps to regulate heart rate and helps to get a better overall health.

  • Spiritual benefits: Mantras meditation also has some spiritual benefits. They actually help to let go of anything you have no control of and hence help to have a happier life.

Some Of The Mantras You Can Chant While You Meditate

  • Om: Om or Aum is the oldest and the most powerful single word mantra you can chant while you meditate. This is the sacred sound of Hinduism.

  • Om Mani Padme Hum: This is another mantra you can opt for while you meditate.

  • So Ham: This is a Sanskrit mantra came from India. “So” in the mantra should be used while inhaling and “Ham” while exhaling the Oxygen during meditation.

Listening To Music During Meditation, The Benefits:

Meditating using melodious music makes you mentally strong. Moreover, the soft and soothing music makes an environment calmer and this, in turn, makes the process of meditation more effective. Here are a few other benefits of listening music while you meditate.