The 5 Most Common Reasons Of Hair Loss

The 5 Most Common Reasons Of Hair Loss

Hair fall is one of the most common, yet most prevailed issues almost ignored by most of us. Shedding of hair is a part of our daily life, but it becomes vulnerable when it’s caused due to certain health issues.

Every woman loses about 100 strands a day on an average, but if you are noticing a considerable increase in hair fall, it’s the high time to find the root cause of it.

Before we go for learning about the reasons of hair fall, let’s see what are the different types of it….


Do you have family members who have suffered thinning of hair and ultimately hair loss? Hmm, there’s a good chance that you may also experience this pattern of hair loss.


As the name itself suggests, reactive hair loss is the result of some trigger. The trigger could be the internal imbalances, crash dieting, and nutritional deficiencies.

5 Common Reasons Of Hair Loss…


Under-active Or Overactive Thyroid

Don’t underestimate the small thyroid gland. It helps in regulating the metabolism of your body, and hence any small imbalance in thyroid may affect hair adversely. If remain untreated, it may cause serious damage not only to your hair but to your overall health.

Deficiency of B12

Following a strict vegetarian diet? You could be in trouble…yes, I am also a vegan and have been facing lack of B12 for a long time. B12 deficiency not only makes you feel tired and low on energy, but it also leads to hair fall.

If you are bound not to intake non-veg, start taking B12 medicines or go for weekly or biweekly injections. This would certainly fulfill your need of B12. You may also fetch a doctor to confirm how often you should take injections.


Iron deficiency is another major reason for hair loss. Iron is the building block of hair cell protein and the deficiency of can cause hair loss.


Excessive stress can definitely make your hair fall, and yes it’s not a myth. Stress increases the level of male hormone in the body which causes hair loss. Moreover, stress also causes dandruff and a number of other scalp issues that causes loss of hair.

Extreme dieting and sudden loss in weight

Healthy weight loss is very important for the overall health of the body. On the other hand, crash dieting may invite some serious health problems including extreme hair fall. Hence, it’s always suggested to lose weight under the guidance of a dietician.

Before going to any conclusion, it’s utmost important to find the root cause of hair fall. Get your thyroid profile, B12 levels tested and make sure to avoid stress as much as possible. See a dermatologist if you notice excessive hair fall for more than 2 months.

Stay healthy and stay beautiful forever 🙂



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Music And Mantras: The Way To Amplify Your Meditation Practices

Music And Mantras: The Way To Amplify Your Meditation Practices

The popularity of meditation is well known and we all are aware of the benefits of including meditation in our lives. But, have you ever imagined that a simple music played during meditation and the chanting of mantras while you meditate can work as the icing on the cake? Yes, it is a fact that meditating along with the music or chanting mantras while meditating can double the benefits you receive from meditation. Let’s take a deeper dive…

Benefits Of Mantras In Meditation

A mantra is nothing but the series of words that could be chanted while meditating. It’s not just about saying the same words repeatedly; the power of the mantra helps you provide your mind with a focal point. It is a way to bring back the wandering mind and helps to focus on the meditation.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of mantras while meditating:

  • Stress reliever: The rhythm and sounds of singing or chanting mantras move energy all over the body. This movement of positive energy helps in regulating the chemicals in the mind, and it helps to block the stress hormone.

  • Draws out the negativity: The sounds of the magical mantras literally draw out the negative vibes and negativity from our heads and helps to get room for the positive thoughts.

  • Builds up immunity: Chanting mantras while you meditate also helps in building up the immunity and help the immune system function well. It also helps to maintain the blood pressure.

  • Regulates heart rate: Mantras also helps to regulate heart rate and helps to get a better overall health.

  • Spiritual benefits: Mantras meditation also has some spiritual benefits. They actually help to let go of anything you have no control of and hence help to have a happier life.

Some Of The Mantras You Can Chant While You Meditate

  • Om: Om or Aum is the oldest and the most powerful single word mantra you can chant while you meditate. This is the sacred sound of Hinduism.

  • Om Mani Padme Hum: This is another mantra you can opt for while you meditate.

  • So Ham: This is a Sanskrit mantra came from India. “So” in the mantra should be used while inhaling and “Ham” while exhaling the Oxygen during meditation.

Listening To Music During Meditation, The Benefits:

Meditating using melodious music makes you mentally strong. Moreover, the soft and soothing music makes an environment calmer and this, in turn, makes the process of meditation more effective. Here are a few other benefits of listening music while you meditate.

  • Improving Your Perceptional Abilities: Whenever you go deeper into meditation, you should add some soft and lovely music in the background. This will help in improving your perceptional abilities and also help to mediate in a better way. It is also a true saying that those who do meditation while listening to music can definitely find happiness and inner peace within themselves.

  • Reduces Anxiety and Stress: One of the best benefits of listening to music during meditation is the reduction in the levels of anxiety and stress. In the present era, stress is one of the most common issues. If your workload is very high then it is natural for you to feel stressed out every now and then. When you listen to soft and pleasant music while meditating, you actually eliminate stress from your life.

  • Helps you Eat Better: It is surprising fact for all to know that listening to music during meditation can help you to control your eating habits. If you are someone who needs to put on weight fastly and quickly, it would be one of the best options for you to start meditating along with some pleasant and soft music. Within a few days, you will definitely observe changes at the dining table when you are about to eat. This will also help you to maintain your weight and lastly will help losing extra pounds if you want to.

  • Heals Your Body: Meditation along with soothing music not only heals physical wounds, but mental wounds as well. That’s actually the power of your mind. You only have to channelize it, and it will automatically take care of the rest.

  • Improved Concentration: Meditation with music will help you improve your concentration levels. If you are a student then you will be able to study better.

  • Balances Your Emotions: A balanced mind doesn’t fear the changing situations. It rather embraces them. Listening to music during meditation can help you to balance your emotions. It has been said that the people who listen to music while meditating on a regular basis, possess balance in all areas of their lives. They become better at dealing with emotions. Actually, they can improve their relationships and can heal all wounds quicker than those who don’t indulge in this effective practice.

  • Improve Affinity: There are plenty of women who are groaning to bring back that long lost connect once shared with their spouses. It could be little difficult if you have been married for many years. But it is somewhat impossible. The combination of meditation and music is all you need to improve your sex life. This will bring a spark and that long forgotten closeness between you two.

  • Help You Sleep Better: Sleeping is essential for a balanced and healthy life. Quality and adequate sleep also enable you to perform best at your workplace. Most of the time, due to monotony and stress of lives, we do not get a better night’s sleep. Listening to lovely music while meditating can help in reducing stress levels. A better night’s sleep will assure that you give your best during the day.

Here are some best kinds of music to listen while meditating:

  • Ambient Music: Ambient music can make you relax when you meditate. It is totally instrumental, so there are no lyrics that could trigger memories and thoughts.

  • World Music: Some people can find world music more appealing and authentic-sounding for meditation. World music comes from various cultures around the world and can be just as relaxing as ambient music.

  • Instrumental Music: Instrumental music includes violins, classical guitars, harp, table, chimes, guitar, etc. Such tunes are always beautiful and melodious.

  • Sounds of Nature: The sound of nature can also give amazing music while meditating. Whether it may be the vibration of the leaves or the tweeting of the birds. This will give you calming effect and can make much relaxing and easier.

It’s also important that while you meditate you should try not to do anything else. Do not read, work or balance your checkbook when you are meditating. Keep your phone switched off, darken your room and just listen to music or chant any of the mantras and meditation.

Meditation will keep you happy, fit and healthy, prevents you from several diseases, improves your performance in generally any task whether it is physical or mental. So, just get relaxed and start meditation today; do not forget to make use of the power of Music or a Mantra as these are the only two things that would help to amplify your meditation practice.


Sleepless nights

Sleepless nights

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The dreams of a heavenly city,
filled up with the godly people.
Please dear angels, come work your magic.
Hold her in your arms, she wants to dive in her dreams.