Even if you haven’t been through sexual harassment, there are the chances that you might know someone who has faced such situation. Statistics suggest that seven in every ten women across India are sexually harassed by someone. It is also a bitter fact that a big portion of such violence takes place within the family or are mostly attempted by acquaintances.

It’s truly hard to believe that someone you trust the most has sexually assaulted you or your near ones. This could not only bring about extreme stress, but could also raise the feeling of guilt in the mind of the victim. The abuser could factually be anyone, including your brother, your uncle, your cousin and even your father.

In order to fight against this abuse, every single girl across the globe must understand well what the sexual harassment is, and must break the silence against these toxic people in order to make them realize that women are not weak.

What exactly the term means?

The sexual harassment is not compulsorily rape, it could involve touch and gestures that are intended to offend or hurt you. The harassment is always focused on things such as a person’s body parts, appearance or sexual activity.

The abuse could be verbal when someone tries to make inappropriate comments about your physical appearance or body parts, and it gets physical when someone tries to touch you against your will.

Understand their behavior

Whether it’s their language or jokes, whether it’s the way they talk or the way they look at you, anything or any behavior that makes you uncomfortable is nothing but sexual harassment.

Touching, grabbing, pinching and deliberately trying to kiss are a few other ways these people use to harass someone. These are a few common behaviors of a so called relative or family member who only wants to fulfill his sexual desires and who puts his sexual needs above all important relationships.

Females generally couldn’t speak up against the sexual harassment due to the fear of society or the fear of being misunderstood.

Some women couldn’t tell the world what they are going through because of their shy nature and sometimes it’s also because of the fear of other family members about whom she already knows that they won’t understand. These are a few reasons why most women retain this burden inside them and even keep on tolerating sexual assault without saying a single word. But, the fact is, this is your life and you have to justify what’s going wrong with yourself. Be brave enough to take a stand for yourself and ultimately for the society, oppose everything you feel is going in a wrong way.

How to oppose

Opposing sexual harassment is not easy, especially in the case when you know that the person who is doing so is someone who belongs to your own family. Even after getting harassed for the first few times, you will try to convince yourself that it’s not true or you might have misunderstood the things. But, it’s not how you think. Try to listen what your inner voice says, try to understand the thing that might have broken you every time you have been harassed. Do not ignore your soul’s tears and take action right away.

If the person is trying to touch you or even if he stares at you with the wrong intention, try to tell them calmly that you do not like this attitude and you simply do not feel comfortable. If the things do not get better, be stricter, look directly into his eyes and tell him what you feels. Be confident while putting your points as they may try to cut your points or may try to prove you wrong. Tell him that you are not going to be terrified and you will show his face to the world. Remember; before you go for this direct communication; involve some of your close friends into the matter, call them and keep the phone call active during the entire conversation.

Try explaining your other family members what had happened to you and again be very confident while putting your points. Finally, if the things still don’t get well, go for the legal help.

Its utmost important for a woman to tell the world what she has faced, this is the only way you can make the society a better place to live.

A message to family and friends of the victim

Recovering and dealing with a thing like sexual harassment requires lots of support, time and strength. Family and friends play a great role in helping a victim getting recovered from this mental trauma.

It’s only you who can understand what your loved one has been through and it’s only you who can make her feel comfortable.  Your support and love can help her get back to a normal life as soon as possible.