How to be happy in life?

How to be happy in life?

Whether it’s the matter of love life or your relationship with your family and friends, the only thing most people try to find is the ‘Happiness’. We tend to incline towards the person with whom we feel happy. However, this is not the case for everyone. Many of us would say, “I am not happy with anyone or anything in my life”, yes its the fact. I myself is the biggest example of the kind of person who literally was not happy with anyone or with anything in my life. However, after getting the blues for 25 years of my life, and after analyzing several things by my own experiences, I came to realize that our happiness is in our own hands.

How To Be Happy In Life?

If you really want to be happy with your life, the very first thing you need to understand is that the life can’t be perfect; neither yours nor mine and not even for anyone in this world. Once you understand this key point, you will for sure feel great! You have food to eat, a cozy bed to sleep and of course the accessibility to internet via which you are able to read this article…think about the people who can’t even arrange their bread and butter, think about those who have no roof over their head and you will feel like you are the happiest person in the entire world.

Another big cause of sorrow is the feeling of selflessness. Yes, you heard it right. Sometimes, putting the needs and wishes of others over yours could be the biggest cause of unhappiness and disappointments. I am not saying that you should stop thinking about your loved ones, I am not saying that you should be selfish, but yes, I am saying that you should be concerned more about yourself rather than thinking all the time about everyone else. Once you will start giving time to yourself, once you’ll start keeping your wishes above everything else, you will definitely see a big change in your life.

When it comes to happiness, being financially independent is another thing that comes in my mind. I have seen women who do not work and are completely dependent on their husbands or children. Since they do not earn, they can’t even buy a simple thing that would bring a smile to their face. Every time they think of getting anything, they have to ask for it. On the other hand, if you are independent, you would be able to fulfill your small dreams, and believe me, nothing is more pleasing than fulfilling your dreams with your own, with your own money.

The last yet another important thing that itself has the potential to ruin your joy, or to fill your heart with all the happiness of life is your love relationship. Get rid of a person who do not value you, get rid of someone who do not care about your dreams, your goals, separate yourself from the one who always makes you cry. Yeah baby, don’t ruin your life for someone who is not worthy, you deserve ultimate love, you deserve the care and you deserve to be happy in your life!

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When It’s Difficult To Forget What They Said…

When It’s Difficult To Forget What They Said…

AnxietyYes, it’s a fact, sometimes even when you know very well the view of the person you love; you might still find it difficult to forget the words they said. Being in a relationship with a caring person is what everyone wants, but what if intentionally or unintentionally the same person would hurt you? Let’s accept the fact, no one is perfect and there are the times when you may feel hurt even for the small things they say. You only need to be strong enough to handle such situations. There are a few things you should always keep in mind whenever you feel like everything is falling apart.

Try to understand their point of views

There are always the times when a person wants to convey a message and unfortunately they end up passing on something that they actually never wanted to. In this case you may feel truly hurt, but there’s nothing bad in being a bit understanding, right? Instead of behaving like a kid and making things worst, try considering what your partner might be having in their head during the whole conversation. Once you get the exact thing, explain them how it hurts when they presents the things in a wrong way.  Remember, having a solid conversation is the best way to get things sorted out in a relationship.

Avoid being angry without thinking twice about the situation

“Easy to say but absolutely difficult to follow”, I very well know that most of you would be having the same thing in mind. But, the key to a successful relationship is to keep as still as possible during the times when your partner says something totally undesirable without having the intention of hurting you. It’s not just about the relationships, but being angry could never be the solution to any problem. Understand that your partner is already going through a few negative thoughts in his/her mind and your additional negativity in the form of anger may put your relationship in a difficult situation. Always think twice before you say and try controlling your anger before it starts controlling your life.

There’s nothing bigger than love

Agree or not? I may not be completely right, but if you truly love your partner… forgive and let go of the things that hurt you. At the end of the day, your significant other loves you and that is what matters! The truth is, as soon as they will realize that they have hurt you, they will apologize and the affection between you two will actually make them do so. Trust the power of your love and give your better half some time before jumping into the conclusions.

Be mature enough to recognize the mindset and situation of your partner. Try to put yourself in their shoes and that’s when you will understand what they might be going through and what exactly their concerns are. A bit of flexibility can help a lot in achieving a successful relationship. Forget the bad moments and focus on strengthening your love.