We all know that women look more conscious than men. Therefore, before leaving for work or going for any function or party, the first thing that they worry about is MAKEUP.


If you also feel that makeup is an extension of your personality, then you are right! Because each one of us has our own style and preferences, but the basics of nailing your makeup – in whatever kind you like – whether it is simple or complicated are the same. You can apply makeup in different ways and sometimes the smallest things can make a huge difference.


So, just read this blog and know some amazing and simple makeup tips that will add up to your beauty.


1. Cleanse Your Face First:

Just begin with a clean canvas! The first step to move towards makeup is to clean your face. Begin with removing traces of oil or dirt. Use a gentle cleanser to wash your face and to make it squeaky clean. Or you can choose a facial cleanser that suits your skin type.


2. Use A Toner:

Using a toner can really do wonder for your skin. If you have an oily or acne-prone skin, then toners can become a blessing for you. It helps to balance the pH levels of your skin and tighten the pores. Just put some toner on a cotton pad and pat it all over your face.


3. Apply Moisturizer:

Moisturizer is an essential part for your skincare as it helps to keep your skin hydrated. So apply a moisturizer on your face that suits your skin type. It keeps your skin healthy underneath the makeup and it also helps to provide a smooth finish rather than a cakey look. You can also add a few drops of rose water to your moisturizer for extra hydration.


After completing this pre-makeup routine, move on to these tips.


PART 1. Get A Flawless Base


1. Use Primer:

The first and foremost step of makeup is to apply a primer. It helps to smooth out your texture, minimize pores and will increase the longevity of your makeup. Choose from the different types of primers available in the market according to your skin type and budget.


2. Apply Foundation:

Second thing after the primer is to apply foundation. Choose the exact shade of foundation for your skin tone in order to have a flawless look. Apply it all over your face using a brush or makeup sponge for an airbrushed effect. Make sure that you apply it well along your face, jawline and neck.


3. Use Concealer:

Most of us already know the use of concealer. It is typically used to cover up the blemishes or scars and dark circles on your face. Use a concealer brush and apply it under your eyes in an upside-down triangular shape and blend well. Then apply it on spots and other imperfections and blend the edges well, so it seamlessly blends into your foundation.


You can select a liquid concealer to cover wider areas such as under your eyes and compact or stick concealer for small areas.


PART 2. Enhance Your Features


Once you are done with setting your base, then comes the turn to define and enhance your features.


1. Enhance Your Eyes

  • Firstly, apply an eyeliner according to your eyes. If you have big eyes then you can apply a thick coat of eyeliner as it gives your eyes a more attractive look. And if you have small eyes, then applying a thin layer of eyeliner would be good.

  • To make your lashes attractive, you can use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes.

  • Apply a coat of mascara as it will make your lashes look dense.

  • You can also add a neutral shade of eyeshadow to your eyelids for a complete look.


2. Sharpen Your Eyebrows

Defining eyebrows instantly adds structure to your face. If you have naturally dark, well-defined eyebrows then you don’t need to work much on it. But if you have sparse or light eyebrows, then you can use an eyebrow pencil to fill them.

  • Choose an eyebrow pencil that closely matches to your eyebrows.

  • Once you are done with filling your eyebrows, you can use an eyebrow gel to set them.


3. Apply Blush

To highlight your cheeks, you can use blush as it adds a glow to your skin and makes it look fresh and healthy. A good blush will complete your makeup look.


4. Work On Your Lips

The final step to your makeup is your pout area, i.e., your lips. Before you put on any lipstick on your lips, make sure you have moisturized them with some lip balm for lush and healthy looking lips. Then apply a lip color that compliments your skin.


Great! You are done with your makeup now and ready to go out. Wasn’t that easy? With these easy few steps, you can achieve a camera-ready look every day.