It is the most amazing time of the year when you bring out the boots and start anticipating the time of sweaters and cozy scarves.

Fall is the best time to carry scarves and no doubt that this amazing accessory can fully change the look of an outfit within a second as well as keeps you warm during chilly months.

Nowadays, scarves have become an essential accessory of a wardrobe and I like them because they are easy to wear and gives new look to our outfit. You can also try real Pashmina and Hermes scarf, but the bulk of these accessories can be found out of the budget, but they give more stylish look than others.

As we are always looking for different ways to carry a scarf, so, here I present a fun style guide for you! Have a look at the various stylish ways to wear scarves and outfits that pair well with a scarf.   

If you love scarves like me then you are going to love this guide. So, continue scrolling and read style tips on wearing scarves!

Types Of Scarves

Scarves are available in a different variety of sizes, shapes and materials. All are available in different designs and patterns and also have different ways to carry them which depends on the size and personal style.

  • Square Scarves: These scarves are less common these days and come in limited sizes. Small square scarves are known as a neckerchief. These remind me of flight attendees…

There is also a more informal type of small square scarf found in the market commonly known as Bandana which is used for practical purposes during physical activities like hiking. This can also be known as a headscarf. Large square scarves like classic Hermes can be worn and tied in various styles. They are available in different materials like cotton, silk, wool or blend of materials. You can get them in florals, solids, stripes, prints and plaids.

  • Rectangular Scarves: These scarves are known as prolate scarves and are the most famous and easily available scarf. The rectangular scarves can be worn looped, loose or knotted in many different ways. It’s material ranges from cotton to silk to wool and blended materials. They are available in florals, stripes, solids, prints and plaids. You can also find them in knitted versions from lacey to lacey to chunky.
  • Pashmina scarves: Pashmina scarves are made up wool of Kashmir Pashmina goat. These goats are especially found in the areas of Himalayas, provide wool which is woven into soft and beautiful scarves that are costly but keeps you warm.
  • Infinity Or Loop Scarves: These type of scarves are new and are popular over the few years of their ease of use. I usually call them “Pick and go” scarves as we carry, loop them once and go. It’s very easy and simple. You can find them in some really nice lightweight summer floral, stripes for summer, madras check and heavier silk, cotton and wool blends for winter in various prints, plaids and solids.

How to wear a scarf

Now, it’s time to learn different ways to wear a scarf. As there are endless ways but I have listed a  few common and easy ways to carry a scarf with some suggestions for attires with scarves. So, read on this guide that gets you started on your scarf-wearing journey.

Try scarf with a belt

If you want to wear a scarf in a different way to grab attention then don’t tie it around your neck. Instead of it, wear a monochromatic or neutral outfit and then let the scarf be the star of the show. In this way, you can easily carry a scarf in a non-typical style. Let your scarf fall in front of your clothing and you can try it with a skinny belt, it gives you a sober and decent look.

In way of wearing a scarf is only get possible with a large scarf, typically square or rectangular one. You just need a scarf that ends at the mid of the thigh above your knee and should be large enough to make a statement.  

Wear a scarf with a jacket

Wearing a chic city outfit is always fun. To make it more stylish, add an oversized knit scarf. You can also pair your leather jacket with a scarf in the same color to keep the cool vibe. You can carry a scarf with a moto jacket, skinny jeans and heels. Make sure to match the color of the scarf with the outfit. This kind of scarf clothing is not chic but also keep you warm in chilly days.

Wear a jersey scarf with a blazer

If your signature look is subtle then you can go for a smaller scarf in a dark color that blends into the entire outfit. Jersey is a knit fabric that is cozy and soft and contains a bit of stretch to it. It can be easily manipulated with knots and ties and also it is comfortable. You can easily find them in a variety of patterns, solids, plaids and prints. For example, if you want to look dressy but still be comfortable then you can pick a dark solid jersey scarf with your blazer outfit and can easily complete your outfit. You can also use a rectangular scarf and knot in the back.  

Carry a scarf with a sweater

Sometimes it happens when we wear an outfit and think something is missing? In this situation, try to add a nice scarf with your outfit. The cool scarf can fulfil this something missing. In the winter season try using a scarf with a sweater, it gives you stylish look as well as protects you from chilly and cold weather. Plaid with checks is the perfect print for a scarf in a different variety of colors that make easy to pair with multiple clothing.  

Scarf with peacoat

Wear a scarf for its original purpose i.e. to keep yourself warm. Actually, I would like to highly recommend you to carry them on every cold day and look stylish with this winter outfit. You can wrap the warm plaid scarf around your neck twice to keep yourself warm. If you are going to wear solids then add some pattern or prints or even a texture. If your clothing already has a print or pattern on it then try to keep your scarf to a solid color, with or without any texture.  

Carry a scarf when traveling

When you’re traveling and if it is not too cold or hot, you can carry a scarf. It is the best accessory to wear for any unpredictable weather. The classic pattern of the scarf is Plaid and you can purchase the one in a neutral color, so that it gets matched with any outfit. In the cold weather, you can try a plaid scarf with a heavy cable-knit sweater and unwrapped it from the neck, and wrap and extend it around shoulders. In the rainy weather, you can cover your hairs with it. Thus, the scarf is a handy and versatile item to have when traveling.  

Wear a summer scarf

Lightweight skinny scarves are perfect of summers! If you are going to carry a scarf in the summer then choose the one with a bright color. A lightweight summer scarf is great for adding an extra bit of color to a summer clothing without adding any bulk. You can simply tie it halfway down and let it hang instead of wrapping.

Wear a scarf when you are at work

Wearing a scarf in the office can be a little tricky. You do not want to make an outfit around a scarf, because once you enter into an office, it will come right off. So, think of the scarf as an additional or fun touch accessory to your office attire.

I hope this guide on scarf has helped you to illuminate the various types of scarves available, the several ways you can wear a scarf, and scarf clothing that are easy and simple to create. Please let me know how much you like this guide in the comment section below!