Tips To Manage Your Inner Critic

Most of us are familiar with all those captious thoughts that always tell us that we are not good enough, that put a doubt on our goals and weaken our accomplishments. These thoughts could be there to greet us when we first see ourselves in the mirror in the morning.... read more

How To Deal With Anxiety Easily

Almost everyone has heard about the term “Anxiety”. However, it’s a fact that only few of us know exactly what this word means and how to deal anxiety easily and it’s affect our life. Anxiety is a common problem that is faced by both men and women. But, it... read more

Sleepless nights

Long working days and the sleepless nights. Lying on the bed, turning left and right. 3 in the midnight, damn tired her eyes… Oh dear angels, come work your magic. Hold her in your arms, she wants to dive in her dreams. The dreams full of sunny days, the dreams... read more

5 Easy Bun Styles For Working Ladies

1.    Bun style for short hair; try it to give yourself a look everyone would adore. 2.    Perfect easy messy bun for long hair; give your hair this perfect simple look that would make people jealous of you.   3.    Style your natural curls by quick and easy... read more

Little Did She Know…

When she was a teenager, she used to dream about fame and wealth. Little did she know that the cost of achieving everything is her own happiness… All her unnecessary possessions will be unnecessary burdens for her. She didn’t realize that having them means... read more

Who is Guilty?

Here are a few words by one of my male friends…. I am just pissed off with the male-dominated society. If a girl is being molested, all who is guilty is the girl herself. This is what these narrow minded people think…if a girl trusts someone and the same person... read more

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