So, I’m here again with a simple and ready to go bun style. If you are late for your work, trust me, this could be a great hairstyle that could be done in just a minute.  A secret…I made it out of my braid 😉

So, here’s how I made it..

I generally use to have a simple braid like the one in the image below…

simple braid

What I did is, I just took my braid and twisted it so as to get it in the shape of a bun. I like having a low bun, but you can have it high if you wish.

Now, just secure the bun with bun pin or with a hair clip. In my case, I used a single hair clip along with two bun pins for making the bun extra secure. And, the final result is here!

simple bun style

Instant Hair Bun

P.S., the bun will look beautiful if you are having your hair highlighted with a shade of brown or coffee 😉