Your dressing speaks volumes about your style and your taste. Your clothes embody the very essence of your persona. Keeping up with fashion is stressful which explains why people often quote, “fashions fade, style is eternal.” Every girl deals with the dilemma of having no clothes to wear despite having a wardrobe full of them. Trends are challenging to follow so what does one do to maintain a closet that is fashionably on point yet timelessly classic? Simple. Invest in wardrobe staples.

Here is a comprehensive list of some items you need to invest in to up your wardrobe game. 

  1. Denim

The ultimate staple in everyone’s wardrobe, everyone loves denim. Jeans are the universal casual style statement that pairs well with just about everything. There is an elegance to them that makes them ridiculously versatile and wearable in various social settings. Whether you are out running errands, going out for a lunch date with friends, or going on about town, denim is a classic style statement. Style them with a plain white t-shirt and a jacket, a button down and a sweater, or merely a tank top; the best part about a good pair of jeans is that it just works with everything.

  1. Jackets and Blazers

On days when you feel like your outfit is missing something, all you need is an excellent old jacket, and you are good to go. Depending on your personal preference and style, you can find a coat for you. Some girls love a classic bomber jacket; simple, chic yet oozing with style, a bomber jacket never fails to impress. Some like to go for the sultry leather jacket. A leather jacket needs no introduction. A style statement that has stood the tests of time, a good quality leather jacket is an investment piece, to say the least. Some girls like to keep it classy with a simple trench coat draped over the shoulders. For the ultimate chic look, if there is one item you need to get your hands on is a good blazer. Blazers are just so ridiculously good to look at. The perfect formal layer you can add to your ensemble, a blazer looks excellent in both formal, professional as well as casual settings. Wear them over a pencil skirt, a blouse and stilettos, a fitted pair of dress pants, a chic button-down shirt, and black pumps or perhaps with a couple of your favorite jeans, a tee, and sneakers; a blazer looks good with everything.

  1. A Power Suit

A power suit is perhaps the only piece of formal clothing every girl needs. Chic, stylish, and sophisticated, there is something so prim and proper about a well-fitted suit that you really cannot go wrong with it. Be it for work or for formal events or anything in between; a good suit exudes confidence, class, and power. Style your power suit with a sultry blouse, a crisp button-down shirt or with a silk inner and pair it with a pair of sexy strappy heels, some statement ankle boots or a couple of classic black pumps.

  1. Little Black Dress

For those fun nights out or for a small gathering of friends or even for work, every girl needs a good old little black dress. Simple, chic and incredibly versatile, a little black dress is a timeless piece you need to build your perfect wardrobe. Opt for something plain or something with a few extra details for that extra zing; either way, a black dress works great. What makes a black dress a real style statement is its versatility and elegance. You can style your little black dress with a pair of strappy heel and leather jacket for a fun night about town with your girlfriends, with a simple pair of pumps and a blazer on top for work or formal settings, or just wear it on its own.

  1. Statement Heels

Good shoes take you to good places. If you do not have a pair of statement heels in your possession, what are you even waiting for? Find yourself a comfortable pair of statement heels to go with your outfits. If you are looking to find a couple that works well with a majority of your outfits, our best advice would be to get your hands on a neutral or nude toned pair of heels or pumps. Neutral tones pair well with everything ranging from neutral tones to vibrant bright hues; if you are unsure about your picks, play it safe.

  1. Sling Bag

Purses are something we all have. To amp up your style game, get your hands on a trendy sling bag for women. What makes a sling bag better than a purse is its practicality and functionality. Wear it as a cross body bag to go hands-free or wear it over your shoulder; a leather sling bag is a guaranteed investment that is never going out of style. Perfect for casual and formal settings both, sling bags for women

 Come in a diverse range of styles and sizes. If you want something for simply essentials, find yourself a cute, small bag. If you wish to carry more items in your sling bag like notebooks or perhaps your laptop or tablet, get your hands on something bigger. Depending on your use, find yourself a perfect leather sling bag. 

  1. Ankle Boots

Chic and deliciously fashionable, find yourself a perfect pair of ankle boots to make the ultimate style statement. There is an endless array of styles available in ankle boots. Go for a simple zip or a classic lace-up style; one thing that is guaranteed with ankle boots is that they go with every outfit. Be it with a flirty dress, jeans, a suit, or shorts; there is no wrong way to style a stunning pair of ankle boots.

Since we cannot afford to invest in new pieces with every changing season, the best way to work your way around the existential wardrobe crisis is to be smart with your choices. Invest in parts that are chic, dependable, versatile but most importantly, timeless in terms of style. Wardrobe staples are considered boring by many; but they do not have to be because, in the end, it all comes down to its styling. Build your closet with a simple assortment of elegant pieces that make every day dressing infinitely more convenient.