Procrastination is something that everyone does in any state or in any condition. It is a challenge that we all have faced at one point or another. As long as humans have been around, we are struggling with avoiding, delaying and procrastinating on those issues that matter a lot to us. It is like a trap in which many of us fall into. According to many speakers and researchers, about 95% of us procrastinate at some point.

Usually, Procrastination includes negligence of an unpleasant but most important task, in favor of one that is more easier or enjoyable. But, if you procrastinate for a long time, probably you can become disillusioned and de-motivated with our work, that can lead to depression and in extreme cases, you may lose the job.

How to Stop Procrastination

To stop procrastination is a simple matter of exiting the doom loop by having control on your mood. With the help of right and different strategies, you can take the snaffles and make yourself in the mood to get things done. Below are some strategies that can help to make this happen and by following them you can easily stop procrastination.

  • Find out why: Procrastination tells you something essential when you are not in the mood to work. It may be something simple like you need to take a break or eat, or it may be something complex like you are not satisfied with your job. Whatever may be the reason, in place of punishing yourself for procrastinating, just take a moment to reflect and find out why you are procrastinating. It may end up being a productive step you to take in winning the task.


  • Remove your impediment: Before starting the task, take a moment to think about the   things that can become obstacles in your way. Then, evolve a plan to ensure they don’t. For an instance, you received a mail of instructions for a task that you have to do, but if you do nothing related to it, you will repeatedly go back to the inbox to look at them, only to get distracted by other incoming e-mails. In such case, your management plan should be like to get instructions out of inbox before starting work. By planning further, avoid procrastination and maintain your focus. After all, it is harder to get focus than maintain it.


  • Work in the right environment: If you do everything right while working in the wrong environment, this can make you transit to procrastination. It means keeping yourself away from electronics, televisions, loud places and friends. This is not works for everyone but you need to exercise regiment by working in that environment that would be right for you.


  • Get real: The great way to become discouraged is setting unrealistic goals for your day that gives increment to negative moods and hence fuel procrastination. Always go with the realistic goals to keep things positive that keeps you in the right mood to work.


  • Take control of your self-talk: Try to take control of your Inner critic by remembering yourself that “I am not going to procrastinate”, “I will not procrastinate”. But it’s a human nature to avoid thinking of something not to do as our mind attract towards the thing we are trying to avoid. The ultimate way is to shift your attention to something different instead of telling yourself not to procrastinate or think about what you will do and how it’s going to feel to have it done. In this way, your mind gets fix on the action that you want to take in place of the behaviour you are trying to avoid.
ticking now on check boxes on blackboard

ticking now on check boxes on blackboard

Procrastination is the thing that can restrict your potential. It can also reduce morale, disrupt teamwork and even job loss or lead to depression. So it is important to take proactive steps to prevent it. For overcoming procrastination, the initial step is to recognize that you are doing it. Then try to identify the reason behind it and use appropriate techniques to manage and overcome it.