We all know that a messy bedroom can make getting dressed for work a struggle, but did you know that it could also be ruining your sex life?

Survey results by Storage World have uncovered that a messy room could be ruining your relationship with 51% of women naming a messy room as the ultimate mood killer.

60% of men think they own fewer items than women

While it might be a stereotype that women have more clothes and personal possessions, the survey suggests there could be some truth in it. Even women agree with 87% of them stating that they own more items than their partner.

73% of people would not confront their partner

Although living together long-term could be made tricky by a messy home and even lead to a break-up, 73% of Brits admit they wouldn’t want to discuss their partner’s mess or excessive stuff. The problem is that a lack of communication can lead to passive aggression or even resentment. Relationship experts suggest that that strong bonds are formed by great, and honest, communication. It’s even key to note that the more difficult the situation or subject, the more you will learn to trust and respect your partner. That’s why keeping quiet about problems like mess and clutter, could be affecting your relationship, and not in a positive way.

51% of women name a messy room as the ultimate mood killer

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but it turns out the way to a woman’s heart could be through a clean and clutter-free bedroom. When women were asked if they would be put off sex if a partner’s room was messy, more than half (51%) of women agreed, indicating that a messy room might just be the ultimate mood killer.

Top Tips for Moving in With a Messy Partner

Making the long-term commitment of moving in with your boyfriend or girlfriend will always mean some compromises are needed, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. Try these tips:

  • Create a plan – Collectively set some ground rules and stick to them.
  • Invest in storage – Shoe racks, under-bed storage and orderly wardrobes will reduce the early stresses of sharing a space with a new partner.
  • Start with the kitchen – Items are less likely to have an emotional value, making it the best room to start decluttering.
  • Begin cementing a capsule wardrobe – This is a great way to save space and slim down on spending as a capsule wardrobe will keep your clutter to a minimum.

So, if you’re feeling unlucky in love, remember that your clutter might be costing you romantically. Uncover the other ways in which messy habits can lead to heartbreak.